About “This is MECENAT”

Through the implementation of mechanisms that help to bring to fruition diverse corporate support for the arts, “This is MECENAT” is a movement to deepen understanding and appreciation of activities that promote arts and culture, seeking to realize a richly creative society.

By focusing on support activities implemented by corporations, corporate foundations and private sector federations—for the purpose of promoting social creativity through arts and culture—it is possible to demonstrate their social significance and presence, and our hope is that such activities will create wider awareness of the tremendously imaginative and original ideas that are being implemented in all regions around the country.

“This is MECENAT”-certified activities are granted the “MECENAT Mark,” and are registered in the “MECENAT Archives.” Each year examples of outstanding activities are selected from the archives and a total of seven “MECENAT Awards” are presented.

Our belief is that if 100 corporations and organizations are involved, this will result in 100 different ways of engaging in support activities and initiatives. The aim of the “MECENAT Archives,” which highlight these various activities, is to act as a platform for publicizing and promoting Japan’s corporate support activities to the nation and the wider world.